Making the concept come alive.


It doesn't matter whether it relates to retail, identities, packaging or digital tools, you need the knowledge and tools to get concepts to function and come alive. This may involve documentation, manuals, endorsement, coaching and follow up. We often work together with our clients' internal expertise and we are used to working with in-house resources when required. In many cases we train companies in new concepts, organize staff training sessions, follow-up sessions and provide various kinds of support. All to ensure a holistic approach and help organizations to get the most out of our work and ensure we're all heading in the same direction.


Rollout support

When a concept is rolled out, Bas has on several occasions provided support to clients with continual quality assurance and application of core conceptual elements for new establishments. We also help to create economies of scale and reduce costs. Roll-outs are often associated with major investments. In this context, Bas has also helped procure interior design and construction services to reduce costs, and in some cases we have assisted with calculation models to lay the ground for effective overall investment. The same principles apply when rolling out websites, i.e. continual development of the site to optimize its commercial potential.


Sales steering system

We use our sales steering tool to focus on improving key figures helping retail companies achieve a more commercial product display in store, and thus gaining higher profitability. To do this, purchasing/marketing need to work in partnership with those responsible for developing the concept. We use an analysis tool to identify volume-generating, high-margin, traffic-boosting and image-building products in the range. When this has been done, the next step is to create communication and merchandising systems that highlight these products in the store layout and communication.


Commercial calendar

A commercial calendar is perhaps the most important instrument for generating traffic. It's a concept-based communication plan that is updated annually. The plan is developed with input from the purchasing, marketing and sales organization. The calendar provides the conceptual framework for all campaigns during the year and links the product range and activities in all sales channel, both physically and digitally. It provides comprehensive documentation from which the marketing department, purchasing, production agencies and staff can work with a clear target.