Bas Öresund

BAS Öresund is a subdivision to BAS head office in Stockholm.

To reach the best results for our clients, we combine the wealth of knowledge regarding commercial retail development from both offices in a close cooperation.

Manager for the office is Annika Rabe. Annika has 25 years experience in strategy and management work, focusing among other things on retail and range development. Annika also has a background as a stylist and interior designer, and as a project manager at an advertising agency.
Annika has had the opportunity to work within many big companies in Sweden. Working from the inside in a close cooperation with the boards has got her a lot of experience in range building, store communication, and sales communication. That’s why we can offer you two unique courses held by Annika.
Store as Media
What, why and how do we create traffic in the store? There are practical tips and solutions for this. We offer a course that includes both theory and practice; for everyone who works in/with the store. 1-8 sessions.
Inspiration trip
This course includes a full day in Copenhagen and the Øresund region.
How does it look in competitors' stores? How do you sell running shoes? Jam? Insurance? During a full day together in the real world, we capture trends in the future of retail concepts, campaigns and packaging design within your product area.

Curious to know more about Bas Öresund and how we can improve your business?

Please contact: Annika Rabe, T +46 70 244 65 00,


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