Our concept of design is based on a combination of  creative excellence and commercial solutions.


Our knowledge in retail concepts are based on consumer insight, strategies and 20 years of experience in retail assignments. With that comes a thorough understanding of the commercial conditions in various industries. What sets us apart is a holistic approach to concept development, architecture, design, store layout, sales steering and communication. Successful retail is based on an understanding of consumers and all our design has a solid commercial foundation, from storefront to shelf exposure. The new customer flow is based around hybrid retail, in which the digital and physical brand encounters come together seamlessly in all channels.



When developing digital design, we base it on customer insight, strategy and a clear customer offering. This enables us to create innovative commercial solutions. The new costumer journey is based on a multichannel thinking, in which the digital and physical brand encounters come together simultaneously in all channels. A new consumer behaviour and buying process opens up new possibilities to create seamless solutions and design.



We work with all types of packaging. From developing packaging concepts for international brands and large-scale private-brand projects to smaller scale packaging series, individual products, wrapping and labeling. In particular, we have seen a huge potential for private brands to create a distinct core product range and design strategy. This is also relevant for brand owners who need to develop range and design strategy to meet new competition. A commercially successful packaging concept is based on innovative strategy, cutting-edge design and an understanding of effective production methods.


Corporate identity

The role of corporate identity is to clearly communicate the company's concept and core values. Furthermore, modern identities need to come alive and function in a variety of media and be easy to implement. We regard visual, linguistic and graphic identity as a single entity. Bas has a tried and tested method both for creating new identities and developing existing ones. Our considerable experience of retail and commercial environments give us a unique approach when we develop identities for all kind of sectors.



Developing hotel and restaurant concepts tailored for various customer groups has become an important business area for Bas. These projects are based on our experience of concept development, consumer trends, commercial environments, packaging, architecture and design. Our role here is often to act as the "creative engine" in the development and follow the process all the way from concept development to implementation. This involves everything from construction and interior design to details like styling and dress code. A combination of creative design and commercial focus has made several of these projects extremely successful.