Innovation and concept development.

Innovation & concept dev.

Bas creates ideas, products and services that endure and generate long-term value for our clients. Successful innovation is clear, simple and always based on a consumer need. The work process we use for innovation and concept development is intuitive, inspiring, and commercially solid and has a sound strategic base. The final concepts are therefore developed both by involving the consumer, and also consumer-tested. Using BAS design teams the concepts will be developed all the way to launch, including trade story and marketing material.


Real Estate development

We help real estate agents to develop shopping areas for various target and customer groups. We work all the way from defining challenges, discover key insights and trends to creating strategy, crafting a concept idea and developing the idea into detail. The scope of work is broad as we take a holistic approach to the development. For example it includes design and style, masterplan layout, communication, navigation and actors mix. We always combine creativity and innovation in design and strategy with commercial focus and we have the competence and experience to deliver high level solutions.


Brand strategy

BAS provides the strategic support when developing brand strategies and act as a facilitator during the implementation process. We work with various models to develop brand platforms, depending on the needs of the client. The purpose – to describe the brand's role, position, pledge, personality and commercial customer offer – is always the same, but the route we take is customised in terms of the model used and the scope. To build up the market, boost sales and win market share we can also create a portfolio strategy that maximises the benefit of a brand strategy, regardless of whether it's about building a Branded House or a House of Brands. A clear brand hierarchy is required when brands and consumer needs are developing, expanding or changing. BAS creates structures that simplify and clarify how the various elements of a particular brand interact and differ from each other.


Retail strategy

Retail strategy means defining opportunities and find the most efficient way of commercialising on them. Our prime focus is our clients' target KPIs for both growth and cost efficiency – and our starting point is always the consumer. Our approach to retail strategy therefore builds on a consumer-driven working sequence. We start off with insights, both commercial and consumer-oriented. After prioritising the opportunities, we define the strategy and develop a set of actions that carries it. The strategic focus may include range development into new categories or restructuring the present range to match new consumer needs. Today, this strategic focus is also often accompanied by the development of powerful private brands. The two types of assignments are covering both innovation and structure. Private brands assignments are also often combined with brand platform development in order to achieve differentiation, relevance and attractiveness. Other strategic products are hybrid concept innovation, maximising every digital and physical channels contribution to profitability, and sales steering programs driving towards the most profitable consumer purchase.


Digital strategy

The modern consumer's purchasing behavior is strongly affected by today's integrated digital and analogue world where presence in digital channels are assumed as default. Together with our sister company ITG Digital, Bas develops different types of digital strategies, all with a clear commercial and R.O.I. focus. Some examples of questions that are answered: how do we express our customer offering in digital channels? On which part of our customer offering shall we focus in digital channels? Do we sell via our own or others channels? How do we work with parameters such as sales steering, up-selling and closure digitally? How do we build our brand and create relation with the consumer in a digital environment? And, last but not least, how do we get our analogue and digital channels to work together?